Why choose us?

  • Flash Audio/Video Servers
  • Windows Audio/Video Servers
  • Shoutcast AutoPilot Servers
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1 Gbps Streaming Servers
  • USA/Europe servers available
  • Custom Admin Control Panels
  • 24/7 Technical Live Support
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Our Mission

ViaStreaming was formed in October 2004 to set a new standard for audio and video streaming hosting solutions.  The goal was to provide our customers with a superior managed streaming hosting environment through a unique suite of services (Shoutcast, Flash Media Server, Windows Media Server, audio and video streaming services), innovative network design, top-class customer service and the latest technological advances in server hardware. In essence, we aim to provide managed service environments that not only supports our clients at all levels, but also provides true value. The final result is that we are able to offer the industries most reliable, advanced, and secure complete managed solutions available today on the streaming hosting market.

ViaStreaming currently owns and operates private racks in 3 different Data Centers (USA-Europe). Our multi-homed network is powered by premium tier-1 bandwidth featuring diverse path OC-48 fiber connectivity with carriers like: Nlayer, Level3, NTT, Savvis, Global Crossing, TeliaSonera and several direct peerings.

The implementation of premium tier-1 bandwidth ensures enhanced stability and superior performance in reliability, throughput and latency for your streaming. Coupled with BGP, network consistency is assured in the event of a provider network outage or even a core routing hardware failure. ViaStreaming maintains low overall network utilization at all times providing durability during any large internet routing issues.

Our technologies ensure a guaranteed 99.99% access (Network Uptime S.L.A.) through a high-speed connection to your streams. Each ViaStreaming streaming server is connected to a dedicated 1Gbps port, which we make sure never runs out of bandwidth. How? An automated system monitors the usage and as soon as a server has reached 80% of the capacity, new connections are shifted to a new server (load balancing system). This guarantees absolutely secure and stable streams.
- Flash Media Server video/audio hosting services
- Windows Media Server video/audio hosting services
- Shoutcast aacPlus audio hosting services
- Multi-homed (several Internet Backbone Connections)
- Full-meshed OSPF/BGP4 Network
- Redundant Gigabits links to operators
- 1 Gbps Streaming Servers
- Standard 10Gb Ethernet
- IPV 6 compatible network
- 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee
- Servers location: - USA (Equinix-Ashburn VA; Equinix-Chicago IL) - Europe (TeleCityRedbus-London UK)
- Load Balanced Servers
- Redundant Routers & Firewalls
- 24/7 Network Monitoring with internal and external probes checking availability and quality
- TCP and UDP Ports Monitoring
We took great care in researching and selecting only the highest quality Tier 1 bandwidth providers for our network to ensure we provide low latency and high availability to all locations; Here our current Backbone providers list:

Level(3) was recently named as the #1 IP transit provider in the world by Renesys Corp, an independent research firm. Level(3) operates one of the world's largest, newest and most advanced Tier 1 telecommunications networks. The network spans 23,000 intercity route miles and serves the worlds 10 largest phone companies, 10 largest Internet service providers, and 6 largest cable providers. Level(3) is currently ranked #1 AS in the world by CAIDA.

Global Crossing
Global Crossing operates one of the world's largest Tier 1 IP networks. With over 100,000 route miles of optical cable around the world, no other infrastructure even comes close. Global Crossing operates peering points in hundreds of cities across the world and has sustained network availability levels of 99.999 percent. Global Crossing was recently ranked as the #3 backbone provider in the world by Renesys Corp, an independent research firm.

NTT Communications
NTT Communications operates a high quality Tier 1 IP backbone with direct connection to major ISPs in Asia, the U.S., Europe and Oceania. The network currently boasts the industry's largest dedicated Internet bandwidth of over 300Gbps between Japan and U.S and 258Gbps to the Asia-Pacific region to provide end users with fast Internet connections globally. The network currently operates with over 4.3Tbps total backbone capacity, and over 705Gbps peering capacity.

Savvis operates a global Tier 1 network that spans 105 cities in 47 countries, encompassing the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Known as the 'The Network that Powers Wall Street' Savvis provides network services to over 4,500 financial institutions including 75 of the top 100 banks in the world and 45 of the top 50 brokerage firms in the United States.

nLayer Communications is a leading provider of high-performance wholesale Internet connectivity solutions around the world. nLayer owns and operates its own redundant global OC-192 infrastructure, and maintains over 900 Gigabits of edge capacity to other Internet networks. nLayer's customers include high-profile Web properties, content delivery networks, and hosting and dedicated access providers. nLayer currently provides services in more than 35 locations across North America, Europe and Asia.

TeliaSonera is one of the most reliable, high performance backbone networks in the world and runs the largest wholly-owned fiber-optic network in Europe (guaranteed RTT: 35ms) with the fastest IP growth rate; Telia owns and operate more than 43,000 kilometers (27,000 miles) tot. of fiber network, including terrestrial and undersea cable, which covers more than 100 points of presence in 35 countries across Europe, the US and Asia.