ViaStreaming Network key features
  • Multi-homed (several Internet Backbone Connections)
  • Full-meshed OSPF/BGP4 Network
  • Redundant Gigabits links to operators
  • 1 Gbps Streaming Servers
  • IPV 6 compatible network
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Servers location:
    -USA (Equinix-Ashburn VA)
    -Europe (TeleCityRedbus-London UK)
  • Load Balanced Servers
  • Redundant Routers & Firewalls
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • TCP and UDP Ports Monitoring

Here is what you get with your ViaDj Shoutcast Hosting Plan:
  • Instant Activation
  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited Traffic/No Hidden fees
  • High Speed Global Network
  • Load-Balanced Servers & Network
  • Free Customer Support
  • Support of mp3 streams
  • Listeners can use Winamp, RealOne or Windows Media Player
  • Powerful, Reliable and Scalable Technology
  • Continual Service Enhancements
  • Easily Upgrade or Downgrade
  • Flexible Billing Options

  • Easy web-based stream configuration
  • FTP or browser based (drag & drop) uploading
  • Automatic stream monitoring/restarting
  • AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler
  • Start/Stop your Server
  • Advanced playlists scheduling system
  • Built-in track scheduling (pre-recorded shows, jingles, ads, etc.)
  • Built-in track weighting (heavy rotation, light rotation, etc.)
  • Cross-fading between songs
  • Re-transcode of media at the correct bitrate
  • Preview tracks in your media library
  • Complete control of your station in LIVE mode
  • Real Time Graphical and Geo Stats
  • Royalty reporting in CSV format
  • Upgrade storage size at anytime
  • Feature-rich, automatic station home pages (Multiplayer Page)
Windows MediaSHOUTcastFlash MediaViaDJ - AutoPilot

Promo: May is Special!!!

50% off lifetime on any available streaming plan!!! (Limited slots available);
This offer will be available only for new customers and cannot be applied to existing servers/accounts
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ViaDj - SHOUTcast AutoPilot: keep your Radio Station On Air 24/7!

ViaDj service for SHOUTcast servers enables you to broadcast your content without the need to have a computer running. The service features a simple media management interface that makes the process of uploading your MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) audio files at any bitrate extremely easy on our storage servers so you can create your customized playlists. Each playlist can be scheduled and weighted, allowing you to setup music custom rotations along with jingles and ads. You can login and control your playlists at any time of the day through our easy to use ViaDj control panel.
ViaStreaming recommends SHOUTcast Streaming Technology as it is compatible with all major media players available today.

Shoutcast streaming on Mobile devices

NEW! MOBILE STREAMING PLAYER APPS is proud to announce the release of our Android and iPhone Mobile apps for Smartphones and Tablets compatible with any SHOUTcast streaming server (v.1 or v.2) and audio streaming format (MP3, AAC+).
We will develop and publish a customized App using your logo, design and icon on Apple and Android Google Play Stores that will let your listeners interact and enjoy your station live audio streaming directly to their Smartphones and Tablets devices like never before, for free! Reach your audience in a new way through our Mobile Phone Apps.

ViaStreaming Mobile Player App Features:
- Supports MP3 and AAC+ audio formats;
- Keeps playing in the background even when minimized
- Show and switch Artist/Song Title in real time
- Radio Station Facebook Page/Wall
- Radio Station Twitter Page/Wall
- Contact Radio Station Email Form
- Radio Station Website URL link
- Exit Button

*Estimated publishing time on Google Play Store: 24 hours max.
*Estimated publishing time on Apple Store: 7/10 days max.


Android Player App: $50.00 USD (one-time fee)
*Free for any SHOUTcast/ViaDj monthly streaming plan ordered (200 slots/48kbps or higher)
iPhone/iPod/iPad Player App: $80.00 USD (one-time fee)
Premium Mobile Apps Combo (save $30.00 USD!): Android App + iPhone App $100.00 USD tot. (one-time fee)

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You can purchase online using PayPal's Secure Server

To order your streaming plan, select desired bitrate/slots/disk quota; Then click on "Continue to step 2"


  1. Insert your details
Station Name:    Enter your Radio/TV Station Name
E-mail Address:    Notification of your server details and billing information
 will be sent to this address
Re-enter E-mail address:    Please re-enter your Email to confirm
Username:    This must be between 3 and 14 characters in length,
 composed of alphanumeric characters only (no spaces)
  2. Select Streaming Server and Streaming Format
Select Server:       
Select Streaming Format:       
  3. Select your ViaDJ streaming plan (slots, bitrate and disk quota)
Disk Quota:      
Monthly Rate:     U.S. Dollars  

* Slots: maximum number of simultaneously listeners/viewers connected to your stream (24/7)
* Bitrate: measured in kbps, refers to the audio quality of the stream (up to).
* Promo: May is Special!
  (No code needed – Price list is already discounted 50% off - Offer will expire on May 31)

* Promo: Free customized Android Player app for any SHOUTcast plan ordered (200 slots/48kbps or higher)

ViaStreaming ViaDj - Shoutcast Hosting Server features: Unlimited Bandwidth - Web-based Control Panel (upload your files/songs jingles and ads over FTP, advanced playlist scheduling system, start/stop your server) – Monitor/control listeners - Real Time Geo Stats - Real Time Graphs Stats - Detailed Streaming Reports - Switch between AutoDj and Live broadcast - MultiPlayer listen page - Flash Streaming Player - Support of MP3 streams - "Port 80" streaming address (available for firewalled listeners)

Streaming Hosting Plans are billed in accordance with the maximum number of monthly concurrent users (slots), disk quota, bitrate and usage (30 days)

For more than 2.000 listeners and/or custom solutions contact us for a special quote.


ViaStreaming bills you monthly, meaning you are not compelled to make a long term commitment with us. That will be all you pay for the whole month. There are no hidden charges such as additional bandwidth usage and no setup fee either: you can stream for the whole month and be assured that you’ll be paying nothing more than the amount you had signed up for. Recurring payments for additional features (if requested) are instantly credited to your account.

Payments are safely provided by PayPal (Visa-MasterCard-Amex), on request, you can pay through these alternative systems: Google Checkout, MoneyBookers and bank wire transfer.

ViaStreaming Network key features

Our technologies ensure a highly reliable and super-fast connection to your streams; each ViaStreaming streaming server (Hardware specs: Dell PowerEdge® Server – Quad CPU Octo Core Westmere EX4830 – 2.13GHz – 64GB RAM – RAID10 4x1TB HD - OS: Linux Debian) is connected to a dedicated 1 Gbps port, which we make sure never runs out of bandwidth. How? An automated system monitors the usage and as soon as a server has reached 80% of the capacity, new connections are shifted to a new server. This guarantees absolutely secure and stable streams.

"State-of-the-Art Technology" and highly reliable networks give us the confidence to guarantee that ViaStreaming will make sure your server's connection remain available 99.99% (Uptime Guarantee S.L.A.) which (by stream hosting industry standards) is incredible.

Control Panel ScreenShots