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  • Flash Audio/Video Servers
  • Windows Audio/Video Servers
  • Shoutcast AutoPilot Servers
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1 Gbps Streaming Servers
  • USA/Europe servers available
  • Custom Admin Control Panels
  • 24/7 Technical Live Support
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Dedicated Servers

Focus On Your Business Instead of Your Servers

Your broadcasts have grown extremely popular in a very short period? It’s getting out of hands and you are unable to find what you need? Let's talk! At ViaStreaming we'll work with you to develop a business model for web streaming; For unlimited user capacity and a truly flexible and customized streaming service, ViaStreaming offer Managed Streaming Servers: Flash Media Audio & Video - Windows Media Audio & Video - Shoutcast Server.

These managed servers provide the outsourced streaming service your growing popularity needs. Our solutions include server hardware, bandwidth and 24x7x365 system administration. When you signup for this service, you manage the content on your server while ViaStreaming.com provides and maintains the server hardware, operating system, rack space and bandwidth from our world class content delivery network. Please contact our Sales Department with all your questions and requirements for a free quote.

Dedicated Features

Uncommited streaming limits

Unexpected audience surges

Flexible pricing options

Variable media and bitrates requirements



As a ViaStreaming Partner, you can resell our Streaming Plans with your company's products and services. As a reseller your company benefits from our world class services by taking advantage of our advanced streaming solutions: our Partner Scheme enables you to re-sell our services to your own clients at your terms.


You are free to manage your accounts the way you want, set your own prices, use the features of our Dedicated Streaming Services (custom Control Panel - upgrade/downgrade accounts and many other features) as you wish and allocate resources according to your own plans. ViaStreaming allows you to concentrate on your own core business, while providing your clients with reliable, turnkey streaming solutions.

Technical Support

As a ViaStreaming Partner, you will have access to our reliable technical support staff for enquiries and/or problem resolutions. You will immediately receive a custom discount on all account applications. Under our T.O.S. and A.U.P., you will be responsible for billing your own clients, their actions and to handle all personal contacts. Unless otherwise requested, we will remain anonymous to your clients. You will not be obligated to purchase any number of accounts and you are free to act as a reseller for other hosting-streaming providers at the same time.

To start using our affiliate scheme or for answers to any questions you might have please contact a member of our sales team;

Reseller Features

Reseller Features

Un-Branded Control Panel

Un-Branded streaming address

Free Trials

Technical Support

Set your own Prices

Custom Agreements


We cannot provide support to your clients or take responsibility for their actions. Reseller products must be paid in advance. All resellers MUST agree to our T.O.S. and A.U.P.